When it comes to Dental Practice Management, all dentists fall victim to common mistakes that could have been avoided, if the dentists had simply been forewarned of what these mistakes are, as well as the strategic measures required to circumvent these business problems.


The purpose of “MATCHES” is to educate new dental grads with respect to 7 areas in the business of dentistry where virtually every dentist is vulnerable to making very expensive mistakes.



MATCHES provides you with solutions to avoid these mistakes !

Description about MATCHES Training program

Introduction to



Short description about Metrics

Introduction To The Science Of Metrics

People Can Be Either

The Magic Of Metrics – Myth Or Methodology

The 1,2,3’S And The A,B,C Of Metrics

Increasing Profitability

The Magical Methodology That Adds To Productivity

The 50% Overhead Dental Practice – Empirical Reality Or Urban Legend


Short description about Accounting

Santa Comes In December And Then The Taxman Comes In April

Don’t Be Daft, Have A Raft

Building A Raft

The Best Person You Can Count On Is Yourself

Count On Being Screwed – Part 1

Count On Being Screwed – Part 2

Do Your Homework, So You Don’t Get Screwed

Learning To Count The Costs – Of Costs

If There’s One Thing You Can Count On, It’s That Women Love To Shop

Do You Speak Accountant-Ese – The Benefits Of Being Bilingual

How To Avoid The $1,000,000


Short description about Time Management

Debunking The Myth That -Time Is Money

Standardize Your Patient Communication

Who Needs -Two-Timing- Staff

Pulse Points- Planning For Productivity

Lost Opportunity…. Costs


Short description about Communication

The Mathematical Probability That Our Patients Can – Hear – Us

The Doctor’s Paradox – Why Patients Don’t Follow Our Recommendations

The Socio-Economics Of Communication As It Relates To Consumerism

When Delivering Your Diagnosis Don’t Exceed The Speed Limit

Patients Will Follow Your Recommendations When You Communicate The – Why

The Physics Of Tonality

Mixed Messages – The Poison Pill To Case Presentations

Murdering Case Presentations With Medical-Ese


Short description about Human Resources

When Your Patientst Become Engaged They’re Getting Married To Your Practice

Data Attacks The Problem Not The Person

8 To 4 And Then No More


Short description about Human Resources

The 3 Foundational E’s Behind Efficiency- Energy, Emotion, Effort

Maximizing Productivity Without Minimizing Patient Care

The Speedtrap That Limits Your Practice’s Performance

Those Who Don’t Learn From History, Are Doomed To Repeat It

The Magic Of S.O.P


Short description about Human Resources

What Teamwork -Isn’t

The Power Of Synergy

Creating A Sense Of Trust Through The Power Of Synergy

Eliminating Conflict Amongst Co-Workers

Asr- Positioning Yourself Beyond The CompetitioN

Disciplining By Definition

Snrg- The Ascension Route To The Top 1 % Of The Profession